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Draymond Green Calls Out The NBA After They Fined Kevin Durant $25,000: "Keep Talking Yo S**t K, One Day They’ll Stop Empowering Fans To Talk To Us As If We Are Their Children."

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The NBA didn't hesitate to fine Kevin Durant $25,000 after he lashed out at a fan who told him to take over a game earlier this week. KD wasn't having any of that and told this person to 'sit down and shut the f--k up' during the Brooklyn Nets' loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

The league took note of that and punished the player with a fine. This isn't the first time he's been in this position, as he also received a fine when he went off on Michael Rapaport on social media. Durant isn't a player that will take bad stuff from anybody, and this fan confirmed that. 

Well, the league's front office wasn't having any of that either and made the 2x NBA champion pay for his actions. This decision raised some eyebrows around the league, including Draymond Green's, who didn't like the way the league handled the issue. 

The Golden State Warriors star took to Instagram to show his unhappiness with the decision, calling out the league for allowing fans to treat players however they want and not face consequences. 

"Keep talking yo s**t K, one day they’ll stop empowering fans to talk to us as if we are their children," Green wrote on an Instagram story. 


Obviously, this decision didn't please Draymond. He knows that fans can say a lot of things and get away with it because when players respond, they will get punished. Durant doesn't care about it, and a $25K fine is nothing for him, but it's still annoying to have people tell you what you need to do when you're a professional basketball player. 

Other players like Russell Westbrook and Ben Simmons have suffered this, too, having different reactions to them, but showing that it happens. KD won't stay silent if somebody tries to disrupt his peace, and the league must be aware of that.