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Joel Embiid Is Ready For Ben Simmons' Return To Philly: "There's Gonna Be Something Extra To It."

Ben Simmons

After months of drama and controversy, the Ben Simmons saga finally reached a conclusion last week, when the young star was traded to Brooklyn as part of a huge blockbuster deal.

As new details continue to come out about the situation, fans are looking ahead to March 10th, when the Nets make their last trip into Philadelphia.

With all that has transpired, fans are sure to go crazy seeing Simmons play in their building again, and Joel Embiid has an idea of what is likely to come:

"It's not just about that whole thing it's also about the history with Brooklyn. Obviously, us getting James and you know Philadelphia fans. They are gonna be incredible. Whether it's the boos or the cheers, it's gonna be insane. And obviously, you know what we gotta do. It's a regular-season game but there's gonna be something extra to it. I'm definitely gonna be ready, I'm sure my teammates are. It's gonna be fun, I'm excited."

Simmons did not just cut ties with the Sixers, he burned bridges. In the aftermath of an abysmal series, he got called by his teammates and the fans for his failures. According to multiple reports, it rubbed him the wrong way and it's why he proceeded to demand a trade weeks after elimination.

Though, according to Ben, his reasons for jumping ship are more personal.

"Ben Simmons says 'it was a personal thing with me' that made him unwilling to play in Philly before the trade to Brooklyn – not fan, team or media comments during or after playoffs. Says his issues preceded the playoffs. Says he’s not yet ready to play but is ramping up."

The Sixers/Nets deal changed the NBA in a big way. It made two Eastern powerhouses stronger while also clearing the slate for two of the NBA's biggest stars.

It may have also sparked a new rivalry between two teams that already have a lot of history.

Bearing in mind the events that have transpired, March 10th could be the start of something epic and nobody will want to miss how it plays out.