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Kevin Durant Denies Recent Trade Rumors In Now Deleted Tweet

George Karl Criticizes Kevin Durant For Creating Drama In Brooklyn: "Kevin Durant Is A Great Player But I Wish He Would've Handled This Better"

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past six weeks, you'll know that Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are in the middle of an ugly divorce. After three years together, Durant no longer sees the benefits of playing for the Nets and has already met with team owner Joe Tsai on numerous occasions to talk about it.

In the meantime, countless reports and stories have been emerging about the details of KD's trade request and how it has impacted the league.

But in a now-deleted Tweet, Durant slammed all the rumors and dismissed them as a complete fabrication by the media.

While we don't know which details, specifically, Durant is accusing the media of making up, his deletion of the tweet suggests that there may actually be some truth to the stories. 

Having lost faith in Brooklyn, Durant doesn't want to play for a team that he can't trust. But what lengths will he go to try to force Brooklyn's hand? He has already tried to out Steve Nash and Sean Marks, and now there are reports that he could skip out on training camp if he's still on the roster in a few weeks.

While some remain optimistic about Durant's chances of sticking around for one more season, others (like ESPN's Kendrick Perkins) don't see a solution to this dilemma.

"That's my point what I'm trying to tell everybody else around the world," said Perk. "Alright, that they keep saying 'oh, Brooklyn gone try to get him into training camp and try to work this out.' How? How? Didn't KD just call for Steve Nash and Sean Marks' job? Didn't Joe Tsai say the other night he stood by them and said they're not going nowhere? How in the hell do you expect to make that work when the trust is not there? Because if I'm Steve Nash, I don't trust KD."

All of this has put Durant in an interesting situation. On one hand, he's the best scorer in the game and almost every team in the league would take in KD for the right price.

But until the Nets lower their ask, or a team gets desperate enough to offer a premium package, the likelihood is that the 2x champ will stay with the Nets for a while longer.