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Kevin Durant On Why He Argues With People On Social Media: "That Sh*t Is Fun, Seeing How People Respond.”


Kevin Durant is not only recognized as one of the best basketball players in the world but one of the most polarizing ballers out there. He can be very entertaining for some fans and the worst person ever for others. Still, KD always gets a lot of attention whatever he does, wherever he goes. 

The 2x NBA champion has become a pretty good deal on social media, especially on Twitter, where he's always teasing media members, other players and even fans. This has earned a lot of love and hate for Durantula, but he recently revealed that he actually enjoys engaging in debates and exchanges with people online. 

"I enjoy the banter and the conversation around the game and who I am,” Durant said on a recent edition of "The ETC's". “I’ll talk to anybody if it’s a cool conversation. I get a kick out of telling somebody the truth, especially if it’s about me. That sh*t is fun, seeing how people respond.”

He also talked about the people on Twitter that can bring a different perspective to current matters, even claiming he's learned from things he's read on social media. 

“Twitter has made me better,” he said. “Witty, my mentality and thought process… Just going through my timeline, people have nice insights on things that I didn’t have and I can learn.”

Durant has had some serious issues on Twitter, especially in the past year. First, he had a little exchange with Kendrick Perkins, then went against Michael Rapaport after the latter revealed a series of messages KD sent. More recently, he went at it with Shannon Sharpe after the former NFL player used a fake quote against Durant

He can also be a therapist for people online, showing that he enjoys being there and interact with people. This is fun, but the Brooklyn Nets superstar is always ready to jump in and let people know what's up.