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Kevin Durant Picks Drake's 'Crew Love' As Song That Best Describes His Game

Kevin Durant Picks Drake's 'Crew Love' As Song That Best Describes His Game

Kevin Durant and Drake are very close friends. The 2-time NBA champion has often been spotted hanging out with the Grammy-winning artist on multiple occasions, and both are big fans of each other's work.

Drake is arguably the biggest artist in the world and his music has achieved some great things, especially in the last few years. Very few artists have had a grip over the music industry the way Drake has over the last decade.

But aside from being one of the biggest musicians in the world today, Drizzy is also a notoriously huge basketball fan. Drake is often spotted at basketball games, mostly in his hometown of Toronto, cheering on his Raptors, or the players whom he is friends with.

Drake has shared a close relationship with several basketball players, including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry. He even mentions a lot of ballplayers in his songs on many occasions.

Drake's love for basketball is two-sided, as many basketball players do love his music too. In fact, during an interview at the Brooklyn Nets' media day, Kevin Durant was asked what song perfectly describes his game. 

KD said 'Crew Love', a song from Drake's critically acclaimed 'Take Care' album is the song that works best for his game, as it has a slow tempo, but is about showing love to your crew, or your team, exactly how Durant likes to play the game.

Drake and KD have been friends for some time now. But that friendship was set aside during the 2019 NBA Finals. Drake's hometown Toronto Raptors were facing KD and the Golden State Warriors.

Drake was courtside for the Raptors games and made it a habit to talk trash to several Warriors players including KD, Curry, and Draymond Green.

But the two have seemingly put that aside as friendly banter. In fact, Durant was spotted partying with Drake last year and even appeared in the music video for Drake's song 'Laugh Now, Cry Later'.