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Kevin Durant Reveals Why People Hate On Kyrie Irving: "People Don't Like Kyrie Because He Wanted To Leave Cleveland And He Wanted To Leave Boston..."

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is one of the most controversial players among players and media personalities. He has been featured in the media countless times over missing games during the regular season, and there were other incidents that people reported on, such as his confrontation with Dennis Schroder.

While Kyrie Irving may gain a lot of attention for the things that people perceive as negative, there's no doubt that some of the good things he does are unappreciated. One of those things would be his foundation building a solar water center in Pakistan, allowing over 1000 villagers to have access to clean water. Kyrie may not be perfect, but no one is.

In a recent interview with Draymond Green, Kevin Durant tried to explain why people hate Kyrie Irving. Durant stated his belief that Kyrie Irving is mostly hated because of the decisions on where he plays, and pointed out that the point guard hasn't said or actually done anything harmful. (19:00)

I just think people don't like Kyrie because he wanted to leave Cleveland and he wanted to leave Boston. I don't think it's any deeper than that. He doesn't harm anyone. He hasn't said anything that's disrespectful to anybody. His game is beautiful to watch. I just think people don't like the decisions on where he chooses to play.

They sorta amplify everything, cause everybody in this league has their s*it. They may say something over the course of six months that everybody may not agree with. That's just the nature of our business. You know, when you're that good at what you do, everything is a little amplified, and sometimes it is a little extra.

There's no question that when you're as good as Kyrie Irving, a lot of your decisions are going to be under the microscope. Kyrie Irving gets a lot of hate, but it seems as though a lot of it is undeserved. Hopefully, there will be less vitriol towards Kyrie Irving in the future, and more focus on his beautiful game.