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Kyle Kuzma Dedicates Fall Away Jumper Against Sixers To Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant was a player that inspired many current players in the NBA as well as a lot of fans from across the world. There is no question that he was an influential figure for a lot of people.

Kyle Kuzma was never teammates with Kobe Bryant during his time on the Los Angeles Lakers, but it is clear that the Washington Wizards forward was clearly inspired by the legend and his moves.

After the recent Washington Wizards win against the Philadelphia 76ers, Kyle Kuzma dedicated one of his moves that he made during the game to Kobe Bryant. Kuzma responded to a highlight Tweet from the Washington Wizards social media team to do so. The video in the Tweet featured Kuzma hitting a tough fall-away jumper over Sixers point guard Tyrese Maxey.

While the Washington Wizards have had a subpar season after their hot start, Kyle Kuzma has done relatively well on an individual level. He is currently averaging 16.2 PPG, 8.9 RPG, and 2.9 APG this season, and his assist and rebounding averages are both career highs. It is clear that Kyle Kuzma has worked on his game, and is getting to showcase it in Washington. There were rumors about Kyle Kuzma potentially wanting a bigger role than he had on the Lakers, and he is getting it on the Wizards.

Kyle Kuzma has previously stated that he is an All-Star this season. While most people would disagree with his assessment of his ability, Kyle Kuzma is clearly a valuable two-way player that has some shot creation ability. We can't be certain about whether he will end up becoming an All-Star in the future, but he is definitely playing well. Hopefully, we see Kyle Kuzma help some more games in the coming weeks, and solidify their place in the play-in tournament.