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Kyle Kuzma Was Enjoying LeBron James' And Lakers' Brawl With The Pistons

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The Lakers' brawl with the Detroit Pistons might be one of the biggest fights in the history of the NBA since the Malice At The Palace incident. Isaiah Stewart tried to fight LeBron James after LeBron struck him in the face, causing him to bleed. The brawl became a massive talking point and halted the game for several minutes.

Many fans reacted to the fight online, with most people pointing out that it was a dirty play from LeBron. On the other hand, some even laughed at the way Stewart was able to knock down coaches and staff members who were trying to stop him, saying that he should be in the NFL.

One NBA player who really enjoyed the fight was former Lakers star, Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma, who is on the Wizards right now, took to Twitter and shared his thoughts. He posted just the popcorn emoji, implying that he was having fun watching the fight go down between the two teams.

Kuzma was not the only NBA star to react to the fight online. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas slammed Stewart for causing a brawl and said that he would be traded from the Pistons soon. Blake Griffin, who had a run-in with Stewart earlier this season, also liked a Tweet making fun of Isaiah Stewart.

LeBron was ejected from the game for the strike, despite him maintaining that it was an unintentional hit from his end. Anthony Davis backed him after the game and said that LeBron does not have a history of being a dirty player, and it was an accidental hit. 

Regardless, this fight has become the biggest talking point in the NBA right now, and we're still waiting to see how it unfolds. James and Stewart could both be suspended for a period of time, given the violent nature of the altercation.