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Kyrie Irving Reveals The Real Meaning Behind 'Mask Off': "You Stop Being Something You’re Not And Stop Lying To Yourself"

Kyrie Irving Reveals The Real Meaning Behind 'Mask Off': "You Stop Being Something You’re Not And Stop Lying To Yourself."

Kyrie Irving has recently been in the news for various reasons. First, Nick Wright claimed that if the Nets trade him, he will retire from the league. He settled that rumor with a savage reply. Second, Kyrie's tweet about 'Mask Off' apparently trended for the wrong reasons.

Well, most fans saw it as Kyrie telling them to take the masks off due to the COVID-19 pandemic being over. In all honesty, looking at the tweet seemed like it. Kyrie wrote:

"My mask is off. Now take yours off. No fear."

See? At first look, it most certainly seems like the 29-year-old is talking about taking the masks off amidst a global pandemic.

Although it looked like it, that wasn't the case. A few hours later Irving posted another tweet that cleared up the confusion.

"Mask off” means You stop being something you’re not and stop lying to yourself. It’s the moment you discover the real you and can walk around with NO FEAR in a society that shows a lot of the masks people wear to hide who they truly are. *nothing COVID rule related!! Relax."

As it turns out, it was nothing related to COVID, but a general motivating tweet sent by the Brooklyn Nets star. He was talking about discovering the true you which ultimately lifts all the fear that you have of walking in society.

While Irving and the Nets are enjoying their time off, they need to focus on playing elite-level basketball pretty soon.

With the new season right around the corner, expectations are quite high from him and the Nets to finally end their championship drought.

Last season, the Nets were believed to be the leading contenders to come out of the East. However, their journey was over in the Eastern Conference Finals. That's all from the past.

The franchise has made some big moves in the offseason to further bolster the squad. Now the Nets are one of the top teams in the power rankings and look all set to bring home the title.

The only thing that might stop them in their tracks is injuries. Being fit will be the biggest task for this star-studded squad. That's what cost them the title last season and might do that again.