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LaVar Ball's Parents-In-Law Initially Didn't Like Him Because He Was Black

LaVar Ball's Parents-In-Law Initially Didn't Like Him Because He Was Black

LaVar Ball is the proud father of the Ball brothers in the NBA. While they have a happy union right now, LaVar had to overcome some challenges early on.

Being as outspoken as he is, it is easy to make people like him and that trait worked wonders on Tina's parents, who were not entirely sure how to handle the news of their daughter falling in love with an African-American.

In a video that surfaced online of the family on Kicks, with every member wearing a Big Baller Brand merch, Tina's parents, Robert and Catherine Slatinsky, spoke on the first time they heard about LaVar and how they responded. According to Robert:

"My daughter said that she had a boyfriend, and being I'm white and he's black, I didn't know how to take that at first. I probably didn't take it very well."

Catherine added"

"I will give LaVar a great deal of credit because he didn't push. He was very willing to wait until Tina's parents who were acting a little "bullheaded" at that time were ready to accept him."

In the end, they accepted him, which resulted in a blissful union and three exceptional kids, all of who could grow into superstars in the NBA.

LaVar recently made it clear that he is trying to unite his three sons in Chicago Bulls to create a superteam. While that is a big task, LaVar is known to pursue whatever he wants wholeheartedly, and sometimes, he gets results. Of the three Ball brothers, LiAngelo is the only one yet to make his NBA debut. He is currently playing in the NBA G-League for the Greensboro Swarm after he was waived by the Charlotte Hornets post-Summer League.

Lonzo is having the best campaign of his career with the Bulls. He joined them in the 2021 offseason and has created one of the most exciting teams in the league alongside Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso, and Nikola Vucevic.

The last of the Ball brothers is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets. LaMelo won the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year award for his impressive overall performance. He understands the game well and is a bit of a showboat. The last time we saw such a brand of basketball played was during the Lakers "Showtime" era in the 1980s led by Magic Johnson.