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LeBron James And Damian Lillard Roast Each Other For Looking "Ugly" Amid Nationwide Quarantine

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Damian Lillard and LeBron James recently had a chat on Instagram Live, where the two discussed a number of different things that were on their mind.

Naturally, it turned into a mini roast session, where the two NBA stars traded blows about their respective hairlines.

LeBron said something about the pair being "ugly twins" while Lillard noted that James had no choice but to “be ugly” with him because of the lack of barbershops that are open right now.

Judging from the footage, Bron and Dame haven't been able to keep up with their appearance like they're used to. Bron seems to have let his beard grow out and Dame's hair just looks a little more grown out than we normally see from him.

But this is the reality we all face right now. Amid this worldwide pandemic, just about everything has been shut down as governments have encouraged quarantine for all citizens.

The NBA itself is expected to continue its hiatus for at least the next few weeks and it's unlikely that Bron and Lillard will be able to continue their season.

As for when we can expect things to return to normal, nobody quite knows. It could be until August that we are all couped up inside. Hopefully, Bron and Lillard can find a barber before then.