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LeBron James Seems To Give Up And Just Stands To Watch His Teammates In The Middle Of The Paint

LeBron James Seems To Give Up And Just Stands And Watches His Teammates In The Middle Of The Paint

Things are going from bad to worse for the Los Angeles Lakers and this time, LeBron James is catching heat for some of his actions on the court as well. His stellar play had seen him excluded from the criticism at a lot of points earlier in the season, but the toll of carrying a team that just can't seem to string together some wins is clearly showing in LeBron's own game. 

Fans called him out for multiple issues against the Dallas Mavericks, sometimes to do with his defense and at other points about his lack of effort. At no point was the fact that LeBron simply gives up at times more evident than when he seemingly just gave up on a possession in the paint when the ball didn't make its way to him. 

James was asking for the ball under the rim, but his teammate decided to take a shot that clanked off the rim instead. LeBron just stood watching the ball in the paint though, showing no interest in fighting for the rebound. The Lakers still got the ball back and the King showed fleeting interest, but another play that didn't involve him saw a half-hearted jog back that ended in a Mavericks basket. 

This is a very concerning sight for the Lakers who are now 7 games below .500 and in danger of falling out of the play-in spots entirely. LeBron has essentially led the team in nearly every category and if he's not performing at 100%, there is very little hope left for the Lakers, no matter what the King says about not counting him and his team out

The Lakers play the Clippers next, a team they recently lost to even though Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are still missing. They need to get a win this time around and LeBron James playing like the undisputed best player on the court will go a long way in making that happen, if he can manage it.