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Marcus Morris Roasts Utah Jazz Defenders: "Rudy Protects All Of Them. None Of Them Can Really Defend."

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The Utah Jazz are generally viewed as a contender pretty much every season, and there is no doubt that they have had a great run of success. Their defense has been heavily lauded, and a large part of that is due to the play of 3-time DPOY Rudy Gobert.

There is no doubt that the Utah Jazz have a good interior defense, but their lack of perimeter defense has often been brought up as the team's weakness. In fact, Marcus Morris recently took a shot at the other defenders on the Utah Jazz, claiming that Rudy Gobert "protects all of them". Farbod Esnashaari of Sports Illustrated reported the news.

Yeah, they're still the same team," Morris said. "Ain't nothing changed. [Rudy] protects all of them. None of them really can defend. Just funnel it to him, and it's tough to - he's a great player, and he does a great job of, you know, anticipation, staying down, being real solid. So, you know who they are."

This may seem harsh to say from Marcus Morris. But aside from Rudy Gobert, not many other players on the Utah Jazz are known for their defense, in particular their perimeter defense. Rudy Gobert's presence near the rim is certainly beneficial for the other defenders on the roster, as they are able to be more aggressive on that end of the floor despite not being particularly skilled in perimeter guarding. Despite the fact that the Jazz have no "lockdown defenders" though, the team's defense as a whole is stellar.

We've seen many players roast Rudy Gobert before, such as Anthony Edwards, who claimed that Gobert doesn't put "fear" into him as a rim protector. However, there are also players like Marcus Morris who know just how much Rudy Gobert impacts the Jazz defense. It is clear that Rudy Gobert is a fantastic player, and he's been a big part of the Jazz's success.