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Michael Jordan Flexes On Everyone With Amazing Zoom Background Of His Accolades

Michael Jordan

When it comes to basketball's All-Time greatest players, Michael Jeffrey Jordan might be at the very top.

As a 14x All-Star, 10x Scoring Champion, 5x MVP, and 6x Champion, his resume might be the only thing on earth more impressive than his actual game.

The crazy thing is, Jordan likes to remind the world of his greatness and frequently teases his many awards whenever he can.

In a recent zoom meeting, whether intentional or not, MJ showed off what looked to be his trophy room in the background, complete with a downright impressive collection of hardware.

Rob didn't provide many details on the video or its origins, but it didn't stop fans from chiming in with their thoughts.

MJ has always been a rather interesting character. Very early on, he established himself as a no-nonsense guy who radiated with confidence.

When he began winning Championships in Chicago, it only bolstered what he already believed about himself.

And now, after retirement, with Jordan's career in the NBA already written, he continues to remember and appreciate that unique and amazing chapter of his life.

It really makes you wonder, though, what MJ might have been able to do had he played in the NBA during this modern era...

“Michael Jordan would average whatever he’d want to average," said Mark Jackson. "He could get 40 a night. I’m here telling you as a witness, he would average 40 a night.”

There's obviously no telling what Jordan's career would have looked like in a different time, but we do know what he was able to accomplish in his own time -- and (judging by his shiny trophy case) it was quite a lot.

Jordan, now 58, continues to be a cultural icon today, thanks to his roles as a businessman, team owner, and NBA legend. And while it's been over 15 years since he last played professional basketball, the guy clearly hasn't lost an ounce of the confidence and swagger he has carried so well.