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Michael Jordan's Son: "It Breaks My Heart To Think About Hearing What Kobe Would Say In His Speech Tonight... If There Was Ever A Person Who Earned That Moment, He’s Up There."

(via SFGate)

(via SFGate)

Kobe Bryant is finally in the Hall of Fame after getting inducted on Saturday in a very touching ceremony. The Los Angeles Lakers icon's wife, Vanessa, was in charge of giving the speech on behalf of KB24, who passed away last year in a fatal helicopter crash. 

Everybody at the ceremony and those watching at home knew it was going to be a tough and emotional moment. That turned out to be true and the Black Mamba's wife delivered, remembering Kobe as the great player, man, and father he was during his life. 

It's good to know that his name was immortalized now, but it would have been great to see him talking to people, thanking those who helped him become the great player he was and the rivals that always pushed him to give his best. But, unfortunately, that wasn't possible. Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, explained it better, saying how unfair it is not to see Kobe up there, making jokes and getting emotional about his career. 

"It breaks my heart to think about hearing what Kobe would say in his speech tonight," Marcus wrote on Twitter.

"If there was ever a person who earned that moment, he’s up there.

Marcus is right about that. It would have been great to watch him accepting this honor, getting celebrated by his peers and those who watched him play would have been great. 

Still, his wife did a pretty good job, talking as the person that knew Kobe better than anybody else. It was definitely a great moment, something we won't ever forget. 

Another person who remembered and congratulated Kobe was Scottie Pippen, doing the same as Marcus, expressing his feelings for the Lakers icon. 

"And then there's Kobe. A legend in every sense of the word. Someone who was as great in retirement as he was during his playing career. Sending my best to his wife Vanessa, and his daughters Natalia, Bianka and Capri."

Saturday night was very emotional. Fans worldwide remembered one of the best players to ever do it, a guy who inspired plenty of people to be better every day. Kobe's legacy transcends the game of basketball itself and that won't ever be forgotten. Mamba forever!