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NBA Fans Call Out Dennis Schroder For 'Dirty' Play Against Jimmy Butler

NBA Fans Call Out Dennis Schroder For 'Dirty' Play Against Jimmy Butler

It may only be the preseason, but Dennis Schroder isn't about it take it easy on anyone.

During Friday's preseason finale the Celtics guard was doing his thing on the court before he was caught trying to trip up his opponent, Jimmy Butler, after a rebound.

Here's a short clip of the incident, which earned Schroder a flagrant:

After seeing the play, fans stormed social media to condemn the Celtics guard for his actions:

NBA games can get pretty competitive, especially when it involves two Eastern Conference powerhouses.

But to trip a man during a preseason game is just a show of poor judgment.

Of course, Schroder has been the subject of plenty of scrutiny of late, thanks to his decision to turn down a massive contract offer by the Lakers lasts season.

After failing to sign a big contract in the summer, the guy finds himself in an interesting situation, battling for his NBA and financial future in a single season.

“He’s in a situation where he’s playing on a one-year deal. He’s got a lot to prove," said CJ McCollum. "Now, he’s probably angry. He’s probably a little frustrated at the situation, but also motivated.

I think one of the best things about sleights, or going through struggles, or potentially turning down money, similar to what John Collins did is that you come in motivated, and you also understand what’s at stake.

With the fans against him and most of the league having given up on him, it will be up to Schroder to silence the haters and prove he can l be a starting player on a title-contending team. It will be up to him to play his way back into the good graces of the fans.

He certainly won't get there by tripping up his opponents during the games.