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NBA Fans Flame The New Miami Heat "Vice City" Jersey/Court Combo



Every year, NBA teams make an effort to keep things fresh and new by adding a new design to their jersey/court lineup.

For the Heat, their classic "Vice City" color scheme received a pretty ambitious revamp this season that looked pretty decent on paper. Unfortunately, it doesn't look nearly as good in action, and the NBA media was quick to take notice.

With a clear and overwhelming rejection of the design, fans absolutely flamed the Heat for the eyesore on Twitter, responding with jokes and harsh criticism.

Credit has to be given to the Heat for coming up with such a bold and unique idea, but it just doesn't work on the court. The collision of the colors on the jerseys just looks wrong, as does the court.

It looks like they've found that out the hard way.

But, hey, there's always next year.