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NBA Fans React After Zion Williamson's Thunderous Dunk: "He Is Ready For The Playoffs!"

NBA Fans React After Zion Williamson's Thunderous Dunk

Zion Williamson is one of the most electric players in the league right now. There is a very good reason behind why Zion was hailed as a game-changing talent when he was coming out of Duke for the 2019 NBA Draft. While there were holes in his game and a very real injury concern, nobody thought twice when the New Orleans Pelicans selected him #1 overall ahead of Ja Morant.

However, the pick is looking pretty bad in hindsight, as the Grizzlies sit in the #2 seed with Morant emerging as a top 10 player in the league. Meanwhile, the Pelicans have to fight through the play-in without having seen Zion play all year.

Zion has been ruled out all season with knee injuries but is expected to return soon. Many believe his weight has created a whole host of knee issues for the explosive dunker that Zion is. Despite not being able to play, Williamson can still soar through the air, as his latest practice clip proves.

Zion does land from the dunk a little gingerly and was looking out of shape. It is hard for him to be working on losing weight with a bad knee, but his weight gain has been a story since he was drafted. The question that arises with him now is whether he has the discipline to correct his weight before knee injuries cut his career short.

Fans of the Pelicans and the NBA are wondering when we see Zion on the floor again after his team stands one win away from making the playoffs without him. 

Williamson proved to everyone why he belongs in the NBA when he became an All-Star in his first full season with the team in 2020-21. Williamson also scored at a historic efficiency rate, without even having played 20 games in his rookie year. Hopefully, he returns to the team next season and can help them build on a strong 2021-22 campaign.