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Skip Bayless Says Today’s Players Don’t Respect LeBron James: “Nobody Would’ve Dared To Say That To Jordan.”

Skip Bayless Says Today’s Players Don’t Respect LeBron James: “Nobody Would’ve Dared To Say That To Jordan.”

Skip Bayless finds every little excuse to bash LeBron James, even in his exchanges on the court. Last week, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar starred in a heated moment with Phoenix Suns guard Cameron Payne. 

After Payne trash-talked LeBron, the 4x NBA champion fired back, telling him to stay humble and reminding him that he was at home not long ago. Payne had to fight hard to get a chance in the league and prove his value with the Suns during their impressive run last year. 

He earned the league's respect, but talking smack to LeBron James, one of the greatest players of all time, crossed a line. Still, Bayless took advantage of this, calling out Bron because today's players don't respect him. After Shannon Sharpe asked Payne to respect 'the GOAT,' Bayless compared LeBron to Michael Jordan and how different things would have been for His Airness. 

Shannon Sharpe: "Cam Payne, you outta line. That's the GOAT you talkin' to."

Skip Bayless: "Shows you these players don't respect LeBron. Nobody would've dared say that to Jordan."

Then, the veteran analyst doubled down on these comments, saying that Jordan would have waited for his opportunity to teach Payne some manners and make him pay for his disrespect. 

Back in the day, Jordan would’ve chuckled at Cam Payne from the bench, pointed at him and said: “I got you next time.”

Knowing MJ as we know him, that would have likely been the case. That competitiveness and desire to destroy everybody on the court was always with him; it was a fundamental part of his career, and plenty of years after his retirement, people still remember how fierce MJ was on the court. 

LeBron James had starred in exchanges before, but this isn't common to see. The King is one of those players who get along with his competitors. Maybe Payne got involved in the heat of the moment and decided to go after the Lakers star. 

The Suns keep dominating the Lakers. After eliminating them from the 2021 NBA playoff, they picked things where they left them, beating them in a splendid fashion on Friday night. They took advantage of that and trolled their rivals, including Payne going at it with LeBron.