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Steve Kerr: "Kobe Bryant's Death Was The Saddest Day In NBA History"

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

The world is still in disbelief following Kobe Bryant's tragic death. Nobody can seem to get their heads straight after knowing the Black Mamba left this world in such a horrible manner.

Steve Kerr, who played against Kobe and had a close relationship with him like most people tied with professional basketball, was clearly affected by the news, as he told the reporters following a team practice:

“I don’t think it’s news that can be processed, you know? We’re all in shock. We were in shock (Sunday) when we found out at the beginning of practice. Everybody just stopped in their tracks and basically sat down on the floor in disbelief. Nobody said a word because there are no words to describe what everybody was feeling. Everybody just kind of wandered off and went home. We didn’t know what to do," Kerr claimed.

The Warriors coached deemed that Sunday as the 'saddest day in NBA history', even ahead of Drazen Petrovic's death and Magic Johnson announcing he was HIV positive.

Kerr went on to laud Kobe Bryant's competitiveness and work ethic, going as far as to compare him with Michael Jordan, his most iconic teammate:

“Michael Jordan brought it every single night, and that’s what Kobe did. He brought it every single night and never took a game off. And did things that were superhuman. Even at the NBA level, in a league full of these incredible athletes, he stood out," Kerr concluded.

Needless to say, Kobe's and Gianna's passing has really taken a toll on every single people related to the world of basketball, and that feeling isn't likely to go away any time soon.

The Lakers even needed to hire a mourning counselor to help them deal with this situation. That's just how big Kobe's impact was. That's why he'll never be forgotten. It was, indeed, the saddest day in NBA history.