Steve Kerr Explains Why Michael Jordan Is Different Than Any Other Superstar: “Everybody Was Just Afraid Of Him.”

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

A lot has been said about Michael Jordan and how incredible he was during his playing days. The Chicago Bulls legend's legacy is enormous, and nothing will ever change that. 

No. 23 is considered the GOAT by many people worldwide, earning that unofficial title after winning six championships in six trips to the Finals, making the Chicago Bulls one of the most important franchises in the league. 

MJ wasn't easy due to his competitiveness. He always wanted to win at any cost, impacting his teammates with his philosophy of taking things personally. Recently, Steve Kerr discussed MJ's mystique, explaining why Jordan is different from other all-time great players. 

Talking on The Rex Chapman Show, the Golden State Warriors head coach explained that Michael's attitude helped him dominate the game. (37:12) 

“Well, he wasn’t humble. But in a good way. Like he was, Michael just dominated games spiritually, emotionally.”

“You walk out there on the floor and you looked down, cuz I was an opponent many years playing against Michael. You walked on the floor back then and you looked down you saw him, and you were kinda like, I don’t think we are gonna beat this guy…everybody was just afraid of him.”

Kerr saw firsthand what Michael could do, as they played together from 1996 through 1998. They even got into a fight after the His Airness tried to bully the 8-time NBA champion, who wasn't having any of that. 

Just like he tried to intimidate teammates, Jordan would go against rivals, trying to get under their skin before destroying them on the court. Seeing how successful he was during the 90s, it's fair that say that his tactics worked.