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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant For Anthony Davis Trade Is 'Realistic', Says NBA Analyst

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant For Anthony Davis Trade Is 'Realistic', Says NBA Analyst

The Kevin Durant saga remains a hot topic around the NBA, as nobody knows what will happen with the player after he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets at the end of June. It's been a month full of rumors and speculation regarding KD's future, but so far, nothing has happened with the player. 

So far, several teams have reportedly turned down the Nets' offers for their stars, even though they are offering KD, one of the best players in the association, when fully healthy. Well, the health and age part appears to be ruining the Brooklynites' plans, but it doesn't look like they're keen to part with Durant.

Still, this hasn't stopped people from dropping ideas of what the Nets should do with KD, and recently, one analyst mentioned the Los Angeles Lakers as a 'realistic' destination for KD if they decide to part ways with their second-best player. 

Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report recently mentioned Anthony Davis as a realistic centerpiece in a potential Kevin Durant trade. Davis ranks 3rd among seven options, only behind Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown and Toronto Raptors' Scottie Barnes.

The Los Angeles Lakers have seemingly been after Kyrie Irving since before he opted into the final year of his current deal, but one league insider suggested something bigger to Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus.

"Kyrie is the move," the insider said. "They should offer [Anthony] Davis with [Russell] Westbrook. Try and get Kevin Durant. KD for AD and a pick is as close as [the Nets] will get to what they want."

Davis is four years younger, but his injury history isn't much more encouraging than Durant's. And as LeBron James edges closer to retirement, the move should be surrounding him with more shooting.

He won a title with AD, but the current Lakers' roster is a crowded mess. Davis and Westbrook can't spread the floor, and LeBron could use a little extra space inside as he loses a half-step or two in his twilight years.

The title window for a team with LeBron and Durant wouldn't be open for too long, but it would be wide open. Assuming availability (a big assumption, for sure), an offense with LeBron operating in the middle of the floor and flanked by Durant and Irving would be a nightmare.

This idea has been mentioned before, and it would work for both teams. The Lakers are trying to keep LeBron James' championship window open as long as possible, and adding KD and Kyrie would give them a much-needed boost in that quest. However, it doesn't seem like these teams are entertaining this idea, as nothing has been said yet. 

The Lakers are reportedly interested in Kyrie Irving right now, but also, adding Durant to their ranks would be a lot better for them.