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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Land Jaylen Brown In A Potential Kevin Durant Trade To Boston

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Land Jaylen Brown In A Potential Kevin Durant Trade To Boston

Kevin Durant is still trying to get out of the Brooklyn Nets a month and a half after he first requested a trade from the team. After three years with the team, KD has grown unhappy with the way things are handled in Barclays Arena and wants to find a new challenge in the league. 

The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers have been mentioned as potential landing spots for the 2x NBA champion, but nothing is certain right now. Still, these two appear to be the favorite to land Durant, but they wouldn't be the only ones involved in a move for the player. 

According to Adam Borai of Bleacher Report, in some way, the Miami Heat would benefit from this move. They were linked with Durant recently, but now they could use KD to get a star that would take their game to the next level. Borai writes that in a potential move for Durant between the Celtics and Nets, the Heat could land Jaylen Brown. 

If KD is Boston-Bound, I'd keep my eyes on MIA trying to get involved in the deal to try & snag Jaylen Brown.

Brown, a FA in 2 years, has BIG fans within certain high ranking Heat officials, according to sources. He's so well-liked that some would even prefer him over Mitchell.

It would be easier for Brooklyn to keep Brown, but Borai explained why the Nets would take this approach instead of losing Jaylen once he becomes a free agent. 

Jaylen is a FA in 2 years. While he's the best player by far that the Nets have been able to negotiate for, there is a lot of risk in trading KD for a guy that can leave pretty soon. Picks > Player might be the move

This is a very interesting option for both Miami and Brooklyn, but nothing is certain right now. The Durant saga is anything but solved, and perhaps a surprise team lures him away from the Nets and ruins Miami's plans. This could add more drama to this situation, but time will tell how it all plays out for every party involved.