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All-Time Green Superteam vs. All-Time White Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

All-Time Green Superteam vs. All-Time White Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Which team would win a best-of-7 series between the All-Time Greens and All-Time Whites? The Greens have had some elite superstar players play for “green” franchises including the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, and Seattle SuperSonics. With green color in their jerseys, we have seen a ton of superstar players play for the Greens including Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Gary Payton.

For Team White, we will focus on the Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks. Both franchises have yielded some of the all-time greats in Karl Malone, John Stockton, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, and Carmelo Anthony. Those five names have a combined 52 All-Star appearances to their names, an incredible fact to consider. The superstars on Team Green and Team White have all experienced individual success over their careers and will form dynamic five-man rotations to battle in an iconic series. Who wins a best-of-7 series? It is time to find out.

Gary Payton vs. John Stockton

Gary Payton vs. John Stockton

Gary Payton is one of the most complete guards in NBA history because of his ability to score, create shots for his teammates, and also defend at a Hall of Fame level. A man capable of being the best player on a championship team, The Glove will go down in NBA lore as one of the greatest defenders we have ever seen. Against a pass-first player in John Stockton, Payton will need to put forth intense pressure on him to give his team an edge whenever possible.

Stockton was not as vocal on the court as Payton, but there is no doubt he is a better passer and arguably the greatest floor general in NBA history. Even if Stockon will not be able to match Payton’s scoring in the series, his passing will allow his teammates to get good looks on the floor while the point guard also spots up for threes while spearheading the fast break. Overall, this is a very interesting matchup.

Paul Pierce vs. Allen Iverson

Paul Pierce vs. Allen Iverson

Paul Pierce needs to get more recognition for being one of the best scorers of his generation. Standing 6’7” and weighing over 230 lbs, The Truth had the size and skills to punish opposing players. His mid-range and three-point shots were deadly, and he was a legitimate All-Star shot-creator. Thanks to his elite offensive IQ, Pierce will punish the smaller Iverson on one-on-one occasions. He will also be a go-to player in clutch situations.

Meanwhile, Allen Iverson is responsible for changing the NBA game to what it is today, thanks to his off-court exploits. But as a talent, The Answer has to be recognized as one of the purest scorers of all time. Iverson will benefit from the greatness of John Stockton as a passer and will spot up for open shots whenever they are on the break. Iverson will also attack the bigger Pierce in the half-court, opting for step-back jumpers and off-the-dribble shots whenever possible.

Larry Bird vs. Tracy McGrady

Larry Bird vs. Tracy McGrady

This matchup is about pure will and skill, and this will be one of the most exciting matchups by far. As great as the other players in this series are, the killer will of Bird and the raw scoring ability of T-Mac is what will make or break this matchup. Bird is recognized as an obsessed winner and an ultra competitor, and has one of the best jumpers of all time. Larry understands he must do what he does best to gain an advantage: shoot, rebound, and pass. He will do all three at a superstar level in the series.

Meanwhile, Tracy McGrady will be an offensive force on the court similar to the other offensive superstar players. McGrady has the efficiency and patience on offense, while he can make any shot anywhere on the court. Bird might be the better all-around player thanks to his rebounding ability, but T-Mac will not go down without a fight and this matchup will be almost even due to slight differences. McGrady will have some big games throughout the series as well.

Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Carmelo Anthony

Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Carmelo Anthony

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the greatest forwards ever already and will play more of a scoring and rebounding role for Team Green. A gifted passer and tremendous all-around talent, The Greek Freak will be able to haul rebounds on the court and also create shots for his teammates when the paint collapses around him. Make no mistake, Giannis will also attack the basket and get easy buckets. Playing alongside an all-time great center in Bill Russell will also allow The Greek Freak to express himself in major ways throughout the series.

Carmelo Anthony will always do what he does best: get into a strong position in the post and score at will. Even if Carmelo is playing alongside another ball-dominant scorer in Tracy McGrady, he will not accept anything except getting the ball in his favorite positions. Anthony will struggle to defend the slightly longer and bigger Giannis, but he will take the offense to The Greek Freak as well. Obviously, this matchup will create fireworks.

Bill Russell vs. Karl Malone

Bill Russell vs. Karl Malone

In the marquee matchup of big men, Bill Russell will take on Karl Malone in a paint battle. Russell is a top-5 center of all time with the greatest defensive intangibles known to basketball. The superstar player won eleven NBA championships with the Boston Celtics, carrying them on his back at times and also locking up the paint defensively. With his superstar offensive teammates scoring the ball, Russell will focus on defending The Mailman tightly and preventing him from getting shots up anytime he wants. Of course, Russell was a rebounding machine who would kickstart the fast break better than most out of the paint.

Karl Malone does not have the size or defensive ability of Russell, but he has the single most dominant pick-and-roll play with John Stockton ever. Even against a defensive phenom in Russell, Malone will still be able to pop for jumpers off Stockton’s passes and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. On defense, Malone will try his best to hold the fort but the opposition simply has too much size. The Mailman will hold his own averaging 22 PPG and 9 RPG, but his efficiency will take a hit at 41% shooting in the series.

Team Green Avantages

Team Green has a beautiful mix of inside and outside scorers, although their biggest advantage comes inside the paint. Bill Russell is the best defensive big in the series, and it isn’t close. He would have won multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards had it been available back in the day, and he would have won countless rebounding and block titles as well. Alongside him is Giannis, one of the best defenders in modern history as well.

With the paint locked down, Team Green also have tough players who can make shots from the perimeter and utilize their basketball IQ. Payton is a lockdown defensive guard, and Pierce and Bird form an extremely dynamic duo from the perimeter. Not to mention, Team Green will be excellent at rebounding the ball because Bird, Giannis, and Russell are all extraordinary rebounders at their positions. In terms of size and basketball IQ, Team Green has a big advantage.

Team White Advantages

Team White has elite perimeter scoring, starting with John Stockton (who can space the floor) and going to Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady (shot-creation). They will also field Carmelo Anthony at the power forward spot, which spaces the floor even more. At the center position, Karl Malone can nail the perimeter shot from mid-range at an elite level.

Having three guys who can average at least 30 PPG will be a massive plus because Team Green does not have the type of scoring talent that can create their own offense with relative ease. Of course, the partnership of Stockton and Malone is an entire offensive strategy on its own. Team White can basically get any shot they want at any time, and that is a massive advantage.

Who Wins A Best-Of-7 Series?

Game 1 is all Team Green, as Pierce and Bird combined for 45 points. The team plays lockdown defense on the opposing scorers, preventing them from getting hot from the perimeter. Giannis and Russell have solid games as well, but they also cause stifling defensive pressure in the second half mainly. Forcing Team White to shoot a combined 41% from the field, Team Green does a tremendous job at controlling the pace of the game. Clearly, Team White has to write this loss off and focus on Game 2, as the game ends 111-100 in favor of Team Green.

Team White respond in Game 2, as the scorers find their range, nailing 10 threes combined. Allen Iverson, John Stockton, and Carmelo Anthony shoot 10-20 from the three-point line, with excellent scoring numbers. Team Green struggles to handle the perimeter, despite a monster 25-point second-half performance from Larry Bird. Team White gets off to a hot start and never cools off, leaving Team Green coasting the rest of the game because the lead is out of reach. In a similar fashion to Game 2, Team Green is forced to make adjustments on the fly as they lose a double-digit game 103-89. Clearly, Team Green ventured away from using their big men and that would change in the next game.

As expected, Team Green respond in Game 3, winning the game 106-99 thanks to a monster fourth quarter by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bill Russell. Skipping to the fourth quarter, Giannis and Russell grab 11 rebounds and block 5 shots combined. It is a hard-fought game for the majority of the game, but Team Green gets the benefit from key defensive plays that were truly a team effort. With the game tied 99-99 with 3 minutes left, Team Green does not allow the opposition to score a single point. Payton shuts down Iverson, and the bigs prevent any shots around the rim. Their offense comes from Larry Bird, who nails 3 jumpers and lobs a dunk to Russell to ice the game.

Game 4 is also about Team Green, this time coming away with a 1-point victory. This time, it is Bill Russell who wins the game with a block at the buzzer-beater. Tracy McGrady shines brightest with a 28-point triple-double, but Russell also comes up with a block on a T-Mac dunk effort to win the game. With Team White trailing by 8 points in the fourth quarter, Tracy McGrady scores and assists on 11 straight points in the quarter including a stepback jumper over Paul Pierce to put them up 3. With 2 minutes left, Team Green slow the pace and find their offense through a Giannis dunk and a Payton mid-range shot off the backboard. With 15 seconds left, McGrady fights off a screen and attacks the paint. Russell challenges him and swats the shot away with the buzzer sounding.

Down 3-1, “The Answer” puts his head down and goes to work. The guard makes it known he does not want to be closed out in five games and drops 40 points in dominating fashion. There is simply no answer for the little man, as he makes sure he forces the ball into the basket from all areas of the court. Not even the defense of Gary Payton or the size of Larry Bird would prove to be enough because Iverson shoots 47% from the field and 77% from the stripe to carry the team on his back. Stockton also finishes with a series-high 15 assists while making it clear he will feed his partner down low. The duo of Stockton and Malone would be a nice addition to the game because they combine for 34 points as well. The game ends in a 111-89 blowout.

Game 6 does not disappoint, as an overtime period is needed. In a relatively low-scoring game, neither side push the pace much and instead focus on feeding the bigs. Giannis leads Team Green with 27 points at the end of regulation, while Malone has 25 for Team White. But in overtime, the guards come to life. McGrady nails the only three-pointer in the period thanks to a clever John Stockton pass to take Team White up 3 with 40 seconds left. But Team Green responds through Larry Bird, who drives and kicks it to Pierce who nails the mid-range jumper. Team White answers through Carmelo Anthony, who backs down and nails a jumper over Pierce with an and-one to ice the game.

Game 7 is expected to be an exciting matchup, but it turns out to be a blowout. The man of the moment is Bill Russell, who finishes with 17 points, 27 rebounds, 5 assists, and 7 blocks. This was a virtuoso performance from the center, who basically sets the tone in the first half. Russell’s presence forces Team White to shoot only 39% from the field, with only Carmelo Anthony keeping the game somehow alive with a 20-point first half. But Team Green fire on all cylinders, and the half ends 68-50. Team White cut the lead to 7 points in the third thanks to T-Mac’s 12-point quarter, but Bird nails a buzzer-beater three-pointer at the end of the third quarter to stretch the lead to double-digits again. In the fourth, it is more of the same although Russell (and Giannis) control the defensive outcome. There is simply too much size on the part of Team Green, and the score eventually stands at 107-89. Bill Russell, for his leadership and defensive dominance, captures Finals MVP.

Final Result: Team All-Time Green vs. Team All-Time White 4-3

Finals MVP: Bill Russell


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