DeMar DeRozan Reveals His Top 3 One-On-One Players In The League Aside From Himself: "Me, Me And Me."

(via Air Alamo)

(via Air Alamo)

DeMar DeRozan is widely known around the league for his mastery in the midrange area and in isolation. DeRozan is one of the best midrange shot creators in the league, and we have often seen him close games for the San Antonio Spurs. There's no doubt that if you're picking someone to score one-on-one, DeRozan is one of the best options.

Recently, DeMar DeRozan was asked to comment on who the best one-on-one players in the league are bar himself. The San Antonio Spurs star exhibited a sense of humor, and responded with "Me, me, and me."

There's no question that DeMar DeRozan has confidence in his abilities and for good reason. DeMar DeRozan will be a free agent, and there are many teams that could use his scoring ability. It remains to be seen where he decides to go, or if he decides to stay with the San Antonio Spurs. Hopefully, he is able to land with a contender and help them compete for a title with his ability.