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Klay Thompson Explains Why He Wears #11: "I Was A Draftee Of The 2011 Draft Class, I Was The 11th Pick. It Took Me 11 Dribbles To Get To 60 Points."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Most of the time, players found their numbers, but for Klay Thompson, it was the other way around. The Golden State Warriors have been using the #11 throughout his whole NBA career and now he's revealed why he picked that number or why that number picked him.

Since draft night, the number 11 was especial for Thompson, and now he's explained all the reasons why he decided to use wear that number during a Q&A session (10.30-minute mark).

“So I was a draftee of the 2011 Draft Class, I was the 11th pick. It took me 11 dribbles to get to 60 points. K is the 11th letter in the English alphabet. The house I grew up in California is the 11th house 11th lane. So it’s a special number in my life.”

Well, you have to admit he has more than valuable reasons to use #11, and Klay won't be changing his number anytime soon. There is some mystic energy about that number and Klay is well aware of that. He's not changing anything and we can't wait to see him doing great things on the court once again with his team.

Thompson has been out, rehabbing from a torn ACL he picked during the 2019 NBA Finals, so it's a matter of time before we see the splash brothers back in action, with Klay that ready to find more coincidences with that number.