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Kwame Brown Says Charles Oakley Threatened To Beat Him Up When He Was A Rookie

Credit: Getty Images 

Credit: Getty Images 

Kwame Brown has made some bold revelations in recent days, explaining how hard things were for him while he was a rookie. The former No. 1 overall pick didn't have the best career or the desired one for a first overall selection, but he's proud of helping his family after growing up without anything. 

He's been making headlines recently, revealing some disturbing details on his time in the NBA. Brown claimed that Michael Jordan didn't want him on the Wizards, and he planned on trading him for Elton Brand. Moreover, he said that Charles Oakley threatened to beat him up during his rookie season. 

Via Basketball Network:

"They used to bring old veterans into practice just to have them foul and beat the crap out of me every day. I had Charles Oakley threatening to beat me up. I was an 18-year old KID. Ya’ll thought I was weak. I’m one of the strongest men, ya’ll know. If ya’ll experience what I experienced at the age of 18, ya’ll would have been looking for the highest bridge to jump from."

This is a big confession from Brown. He never lived up to the expectations of being the No. 1 overall pick in the league, but you can say plenty of factors were involved in his 'development'. 

After 20 years of silence, he decided to get some things off his chest, going after fans who mock him, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas, Stephen A. Smith and more people who have criticized him in the past couple of years and more. 

Kwame is still proud that he helped his family live better. Nothing should make him prouder than that. He made it to the league and made a lot of money, although he never lived up to the hype.