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Kyle Kuzma's Mother's Epic Response After Her Son Bought Her A House: "Yup… Slam Dunk… Better Than The One On Embiid."

Kyle Kuzma' Mother Epic Response After Her Son Bought Her A House: "Yup… Slam Dunk… Better Than The One On Embiid."

Kyle Kuzma is one of the NBA's most interesting personalities, Kuz's outfits and his outspoken confidence often draw the eye. Since his trade to the Washington Wizards, Kuzma's game has gone up a level and he is averaging over 15 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game. Now Kuzma is also receiving praise off the court for his recent gesture for his mother. 

Kyle bought his mom Karri Kuzma a house and she was thrilled with the situation, taking to social media to praise her son for it. Karri Kuzma also chose to flex her son's most eye-catching recent achievement on the basketball court in the process, hilariously referencing the play where Kuz managed to put Joel Embiid on a poster

Karri Kuzma: Yup… slam dunk… better than the one on Embiid."

This was a brilliant gesture from Kuzma, with NBA players often trying to sort out their family's needs once they secure a good contract. Kuzma signed a 3-year contract running till the end of the 2023-24 season, which sees him earn $13 million every year. If he can continue playing well for the Washington Wizards, who are a part of the play-in picture this season, then his next contract could be at a similar level or even larger. 

The reference to Embiid is a sign of the confidence that Kuzma's family has in his abilities, and that kind of support structure is important for NBA players that face the pressure of playing basketball at the highest level. Although, as an NBA champion before the age of 26, Kuzma is surely not lacking any confidence.

The Wizards find themselves with a 23-25 record after the first half of the season, a disappointing 10th seed after an excellent start to the season. However, they are just 3 games behind the 7th seed, so a well-timed winning streak could change everything for them. Having tasted life at the top, Kuzma will want to help his team reach the playoffs at the very least.