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LeBron James Had A Big Reaction To Son Bryce Doing A Windmill Dunk: "Man What The H*ll"

LeBron James Had A Big Reaction To Son Bryce Doing A Windmill Dunk: "Man What The H*ll"

LeBron James has two sons that could follow in his footsteps and have an NBA career, Bronny and Bryce. While Bronny is already playing his junior year in high school, Bryce is younger, starting his journey in Sierra Canyon. LeBron's genes are strong and his sons are showing that they got the basketball talent. 

Bronny often gets the attention, but that doesn't mean Bryce is less than him. The 14-year-old recently shocked the world when he showed he already can dunk the ball, putting everybody on notice. 

Moreover, he showed that he can do windmill dunks, surprising a lot of people again. Even his father couldn't believe what his son is capable of doing right now, showing his surprise with Bryce's talents with a big response on Instagram. 

LeBron shared the video of Bryce dunking on an Instagram story, perfectly summing up how the rest of the world reacted to the kid's dunk. 

"Man what the h*ll!!!!" LeBron wrote on the story. "Uh-oh!!!! Lookout people."

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Bron is a proud dad, and he never hesitates to show that. A couple of months ago, he shouted out his kids for his talents on the court, predicting that they'll take over in a couple of years. 

While he has hopes to play with Bronny in the NBA, it's unlikely that he gets to share touches with Bryce in the association. Yet, his sons could play together in the league, carrying the big legacy his father has created. 

The future is bright for the James family. If Zhuri decides she wants to pursue a basketball career, too, we could be talking about a bigger dynasty. It's still early to say that, but seeing how well Bronny and Bryce are doing right now, they would have a big chance to have a solid career in the association.