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Steph Curry Has The Longest Active Streak Of Not Losing 3 Consecutive Games In The NBA


Steph Curry has been in the NBA for more than a decade. And despite all his success and records, fans have taken his greatness for granted. Curry has put up some of the most ridiculous numbers in NBA history and has completely changed the game.

Curry is an absolute statistical anomaly, having some of the greatest individual performances that the game has ever seen. And he has been the pivotal figure for the Golden State Warriors during their dynastic years.

Steph has been the marquee star for the Golden State Warriors, especially for the last decade. Curry was at the heart of their rise to becoming one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

The 'Chef' is the only unanimous MVP in NBA history. His performances in the 2015-16 NBA season were absolutely spectacular, helping the Golden State Warriors achieve a 73-9 record, the best-ever regular-season record in NBA history.

The Warriors were a true phenomenon with Curry at the top of the league. And with the addition of Kevin Durant, the sharpshooter was able to do whatever he wanted and put up amazing numbers.

Steph Curry is now once again the central superstar for the Warriors. And last season, he was the main reason the Golden State Warriors were even in contention for a playoff spot. 

At the moment, Steph Curry has the longest active streak of not losing 3 consecutive games in the NBA with 314. And this streak is also the second-longest in history behind Michael Jordan with 626. 

The list also includes Kobe Bryant (306), Shaquille O'Neal (291), and Larry Bird (284). Curry's impact on his team's success is extremely clear, and never more so than last season.

Curry put up similar numbers from his MVP season, but the Warriors couldn't match his performances. But despite this, Curry has continued an impressive streak so far.