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All-Time Blue Superteam vs. All-Time Red Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

All-Time Blue Superteam vs. All-Time Red Superteam: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Which team would win a best-of-7 series between the All-Time Blue Superteam and All-Time Red Superteam? The Blues have had some superstar players compete for a host of all-time great franchises including the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Oklahoma City Thunder. With blue color in their jerseys, we have seen a ton of superstar players play for the Blues including Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, and Wilt Chamberlain. All of these players are in the Hall of Fame or will soon be Hall of Famers.

For Team Red, the superstars consisted of teams including the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets. All three franchises have yielded some of the all-time greats in Dwyane Wade, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, LeBron James, and Hakeem Olajuwon at their respective times. Those five names have won a combined 21 championships won. The superstars on Team Red have all experienced individual success over their careers and will form dynamic five-man rotations to battle in an iconic series. Who wins a best-of-7 series? It is time to find out.

Stephen Curry vs. Dwyane Wade

Stephen Curry vs. Dwyane Wade

Stephen Curry and Dwyane Wade are two of the greatest guards to have ever played the game. For the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat respectively, each legend might be the best to ever wear the jerseys. Of course, both players are first-ballot Hall of Famers with some of the greatest offensive skills we have seen. Stephen Curry is responsible for changing the NBA game to what it is today, thanks to his elite marksmanship. With 4 NBA titles to his name, it is only natural that Curry will look to create space for himself in the series against an elite defensive guard in Wade.

Wade, a top-5 shooting guard of all time, is an elite slasher and also has the skill to take the smaller Curry in the post. Thanks to his elite offensive IQ, Wade will punish Steph on one-on-one occasions. He is also an excellent defensive player and the best shot-blocking guard of all time when looking at his capability and stats. Overall, both players bring an excellent offensive ability to this all-time great series.

Kawhi Leonard vs. Michael Jordan

Kawhi Leonard vs. Michael Jordan

Kawhi Leonard needs to get more recognition for being one of the best players of his generation. Standing 6’7” and weighing over 220 lbs, The Claw has the size and skills to punish opposing players on both ends of the floor. His mid-range and three-point shots are deadly, and he is a legitimate All-Star shot-creator. Thanks to his elite offensive IQ, Leonard will always be a factor with the ball in his hands while he is also one of the best perimeter defenders we have ever seen.

Meanwhile, Michael Jordan is responsible for changing the NBA game to what it is today, thanks to his dominance in the NBA. As a talent, Michael has to be recognized as one of the purest scorers of all time and the single most talented star to have ever played. Jordan won’t have the smoothest series because of Leonard’s elite defense and size, but the shooting guard will still be a valuable contributor on both ends of the floor. Michael will lead his side in scoring in the series and will have moments where the opposition just has to accept he is too good.

Kevin Durant vs. Scottie Pippen

Kevin Durant vs. Scottie Pippen

In a premier matchup at the small forward spot, Kevin Durant and Scottie Pippen will go head-to-head with their different skill sets. Durant will play his usual unselfish style of play alongside other all-time great players. Despite being the best pure scorer on the team, KD does not mind taking a step back to allow others to shine. That makes Durant even more deadly because he will choose his spots efficiently and shoot an impressive 50% from the field in the series.

Scottie Pippen does not have the scoring power of Durant, but he brings playmaking and defense at an elite level, however. His partnership with Michael Jordan will be critical for Team Red because Scottie is another unselfish player who will do the little things to win the series. But make no mistake, Pippen will have his hands full with defending KD throughout the series and will hold him to 25 PPG.

Kevin Garnett vs. LeBron James

Kevin Garnett vs. LeBron James

Kevin Garnett is one of the greatest power forwards of all time and will play more of a scoring and rebounding role for Team Blue. A gifted defender and tremendous all-around talent, The Big Ticket will be able to haul rebounds on the court and also score the ball inside the paint and from mid-range. Make no mistake, KG will be a major factor on the defensive end for Team Blue. Playing alongside an all-time great center in Wilt Chamberlain will also allow Garnett to express himself in major ways throughout the series.

LeBron James is the greatest small forward ever and will play more of a point-forward role for Team Red. A gifted passer and tremendous all-around talent, The King will be able to haul rebounds on the court and also create shots for his teammates. LeBron is also capable of scoring, except he will have to handle an awkward matchup against Kevin Garnett. James will be able to guard KG down low but there will be situations where The King looks out of place against a natural power forward. Even in an awkward matchup, LeBron will average 27 PPG, 10 RPG, and 9 APG.

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

In the marquee matchup of this exciting series, Wilt Chamberlain will take on Hakeem Olajuwon in a paint battle. Wilt is a top-5 center of all time with the greatest impact known to basketball. The superstar player won an incredible 7 scoring titles in his career, carrying his team on his back at times and also locking up the paint defensively thanks to his raw size. With Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant spacing the floor, Chamberlain will get the ball in strong positions and will go to work against Hakeem throughout the series.

Hakeem Olajuwon realizes he must play smart against Wilt, fouling when necessary and also putting pressure on him on the other end of the court. The series will be an interesting one nonetheless because both centers are easily two of the top five ever. But Olajuwon has the moves to fool Wilt on occasions and will be a force when he gets his rhythm going from the paint and from mid-range. Both superstar centers will perform at an exceptional level, and there will be little to split them when looking at the stat sheet and all-around impact.

Team Blue Avantages

Team Blue has all-time great shooting ability around the most dominant physical force in NBA history. Curry is the greatest shooter ever, and he will always have an edge over Dwyane Wade when it comes to floor spacing. But Steph can create his own shots from three, something rare in NBA history. Alongside him is another Hall of Fame shooter that joins Curry as a duo of the top-10 shooters in NBA history.

Durant won two NBA titles with Steph and formed the best shooting duo we have ever seen. Adding in Kawhi Leonard’s sharpshooting creates a form of overkill on the court, especially with Garnett and Chamberlain down low. Team Blue can spread elite shooters around the most dominant physical specimen ever in Wilt, something that will put a ton of pressure on Team Red because these aren’t any ordinary shooters.

Team Red Advantages

Team Red has a beautiful mix of inside and outside scorers. They can simply go on the floor with every player capable of making smart plays and creating efficient plays. Even as elite scorers, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade are capable point guards and will do a fantastic job feeding their superstar teammates in their favorite spots. LeBron James, thanks to his versatility, will also have an excellent all-around series when taking into account scoring and rebounding.

Of course, Team Red has Michael Jordan, a killer with the ball in his hands. Surrounding Jordan with four other offensive threats essentially means that he has the confidence in grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck without the need for pacing himself. Hakeem down low also gives Team Red a valuable go-to option when the perimeter players need a breather. As a whole, Team Red has intelligent players and that will show itself throughout the series.

Who Wins A Best-Of-7 Series?

Game 1 is all Team Red, as Michael Jordan scores a cool 40 points on 47% shooting from the field. Team Red plays lockdown defense on the opposing scorers, preventing them from getting hot from the perimeter. Pippen and LeBron have solid games as well, but they also cause stifling defensive pressure in the second half mainly. Forcing Team Blue to shoot 42% from the field and only 33% from three as a team, Team Green does a tremendous job at controlling the pace of the game. Ultimately, the game ends 103-92.

Team Blue responds in Game 2, as the scorers find their range, nailing 10 threes combined. Durant, Curry, and Leonard shoot 49%from the three-point line, excellent shooting numbers for a high-usage group of players. Team Red struggles to handle the perimeter, despite a monster 39-point second-half performance from Dwyane Wade and Michael Jordan. Team Blue simply gets off to a hot start and never cools off, and the game ends 112-103. Team Red is forced to make adjustments on the fly as their defensive strategy would need to change in the next game.

As expected, Team Red responds in Game 3, winning the game 106-99 thanks to a monster fourth quarter by Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Skipping to the fourth quarter, James comes up with 10 points and 5 assists while MJ chips in 12 of his own. The game is a hard-fought one for the majority of the game, but Team Red pulls away thanks to a sensational performance from their two stars. Hakeem Olajuwon also seems to be doing a solid job on Wilt Chamberlain, somehow, because he outplays him on both ends of the floor.

Game 4 is also about Wilt Chamberlain, and he leads his side to a 2-point victory. Wilt dominates the court from the start, coming up with 25 points and 12 rebounds in the first half alone. He is force-fed the ball in the second half, and Team Red is too fearful to play off the shooters. As a result, Wilt scores another 20 points in the second half and ends the game with 23 rebounds. Clearly, letting a player of Wilt’s capabilities go off in this manner is not going to cut it. Team Red benefits from elite play from Wade and James, but they lose 104-102 with a Wade jumper rimming out at the buzzer.

Wilt Chamberlain dominates again, except this time, he shows more of his playmaking. The big man just has an epiphany starting from Game 4 and does not let up, using his size to dominate the court. No player is as large or as dominant as him, and he puts up a monster 20 points and 15 rebounds in the first half. In the second half, Wilt comes up with 7 assists alone as Team Red scrambles to double-team him. Of course, the shooters let loose as the 3 perimeter stars go 11-25 from three combined. Other than Michael’s 35 points and LeBron’s triple-double, no one else plays well and Team Blue wins the game 113-97 to take a 3-2 lead.

Game 6 does not disappoint, as an overtime period is needed. In a relatively low-scoring game, neither side pushes the pace much and instead focuses on feeding the bigs. Wilt once again leads Team Blue with 27 points at the end of regulation, while Hakeem has 25 for Team Red. But in overtime, the guards come to life. Michael nails the only three-pointer in the overtime period, and he does so while getting fouled. After swishing the free throw, Team Blue responds through a Kevin Durant mid-range jumper. But LeBron drives and kicks to a cutting Wade who jams the ball with an and-one to seal Game 6.

Game 7 is expected to be an exciting matchup, and it certainly is. The man of the moment is once again Wilt Chamberlain, who finishes with 21points, 27 rebounds, 5 assists, and 7 blocks. This was a virtuoso performance from the center, who basically sets the tone in the first half. Wilt’s presence alongside Kevin Garnett in the post forces Team Red to shoot only 39% from the field, with only Michael Jordan keeping the game somehow alive with a 20-point first half.

But Team Blue fires on all cylinders with Kawhi Leonard having a 15-point half alongside Wilt, and the half ends 68-57. Team Red cut the lead to 7 points in the third thanks to LeBron’s 2-point quarter, but Steph Curry nails a buzzer-beater three-pointer at the end of the third quarter to stretch the lead to double-digits again. In the fourth, Team Blue resists a 10-point quarter from Michael Jordan because Garnett manages to earn a charge from a cutting Dwyane Wade with one possession to go.

Team Blue runs a play for Kevin Durant and he comes off a screen to nail a beautiful jumper with 3 seconds left. Team Blue runs Kawhi and Garnett at Jordan which means the inbounding LeBron James has to find Hakeem Olajuwon who takes an extremely tough fadeaway jumper over the outstretched Wilt Chamberlain. The shot runs out, and Team Blue celebrates with a 2-point victory. For his dominance over the last few games of the series, Wilt Chamberlain earns Finals MVP honors as Team Red rue their missed chances.

Final Result: Team All-Time Blue vs. Team All-Time Red 4-3

Finals MVP: Wilt Chamberlain


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