Former Ohio star, D.J Cooper was offered a two-year suspension by FIBA in 2018 after he provided another person’s urine for a doping test. Cooper had to undergo the test in order to have a chance to join the Bosnian national basketball team.

However, as RTV reports, the test results on the urine that Cooper provided revealed that he was pregnant. The urine that was detected had the presence of “gHC”, which is a hormone that the placenta produces after being impregnated. The big mistake from Cooper has backfired in a very unique way, FIBA were quick to suspend him for fraud.

According to reports, the urine sample was actually Cooper’s girlfriend’s who didn’t know that she was pregnant at the time. It’s quite an amusing story to hear and a lesson learned for an athlete who thought he could push the boundaries.

Cooper will have the opportunity to return to the basketball courts by June of 2020 when his suspension is officially finished. The last we saw of Cooper was in 2018 when he played for Monaco, during the season he announced that he needed a break from basketball for “family reason.”