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D’Angelo Russell has become a bit of an enigma for the Warriors. Their dream is to have him play alongside Steph and Klay to form a formidable trio of shooters.

And while it seems easy to execute on paper, there may not be enough room in the backcourt to make it work. See, unlike Durant, D’Angelo isn’t nearly as effective with the ball out of his hands. He is at his best when he facilitates the offense. But is taking that control away from Curry really the way to go? What happens to Klay when he is forced to play out of his natural position?

Doubts about D’Lo’s future with the franchise have been rooted in response to these questions, and the rumor mill has continued to circulate with possible trade ideas involving the star guard.

The latest of these rumors involve an interesting swap with the Magic for Mo Bamba and Aaron Gordon.

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“Plenty of teams could use Russell’s scoring and playmaking, especially since he’s only 23 and is under contract for the next four seasons. Orlando is heavy at power forward and center and needs some thunder in its backcourt to make any noise in the playoffs. Markelle Fultz, the 2017 No. 1 overall pick, was brought in at the 2019 trade deadline from the Philadelphia 76ers, although he didn’t play a game while rehabbing from thoracic outlet syndrome. With Fultz’s availability and overall skill set still in the air, the Magic could use a sure thing in Russell to orchestrate their offense.”

It makes enough sense for both sides.

The Warriors give up the awkward piece in Russ and, in return, get back two young players who would help set them up for the future and add much-needed depth to their frontcourt.

For the Magic, they get the point guard they have been looking for and could take several steps up in the East as a result.

It’s a win-win for both teams, but only time will tell if it is anything more than a pipe-dream.

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